Are you sitting comfortably?  Then I’ll begin. . . .  Let me tell you about The Spellpeople . . .

The Spellpeople concept is the result of years of work for inventive Mike Sacks, all thanks to a broken leg !!  Mike is the inspired creator and designer of The Spellpeople concept in its entirety and his accomplished experience is invaluable.  His history includes over 50 years of involvement and work in the music industry, graphic design and working within the special needs community.  However, whilst laid up and unable to work following his broken leg, Mike being Mike, turned his thoughts to teaching children and designed a revolutionary and imaginative method for them to learn letters, colours, shapes and sounds.

He created brightly coloured characters, one for each letter of the alphabet, and then designed some simple games to help children to learn the alphabet.  The characters pronounce the letter sounds, making it easy for a child to follow, enabling them to learn as they play with the magical Spellpeople games and at the same time acquiring necessary keyboard and mouse skills. By creating this subtle new way of teaching, he encourages children to learn the alphabet through play.  The Spellpeople concept helps young children on to  the learning ladder in a fun-filled easy way.

Tony Dyson - Is responsible for marketing and bringing The Spellpeople to your attention. Tony has over 40 years experience as QA Manager, Assessor and IT professional.  His attention to detail was honed during years of responsibility for applications as diverse as heart pacemakers and Harrier Jumpjets.

Our Values: At The Spellpeople Ltd, you will receive the quality and service you expect from a market leader. Our company is evolving as rapidly as the needs of our customers change and new opportunities are created in the market. You can rest assured that any changes and developments will be included in our portfolio immediately they are available to us. 

Our Commitment: Our core driving force is the need to address specific areas in children’s education and development, including those with special needs.  Our highest priority is the total satisfaction of our customers who are important to us and can expect us to go the extra mile for them.  We maintain the highest commitment possible to both our customers and our products,  superior customer service is the hallmark of The Spellpeople Ltd. and our team is proud to serve you and work hard to earn your business and respect.