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Mike Sacks    &    Tony Dyson

Customer Reviews:  We welcome your feedback and comments on your (and your childrens) experiences with The Spellpeople products.  New customers find these reviews helpful and informative, so with your permission we’ll publish them here for all to see.  (See below)

Mrs Lee of Thornton Cleveleys purchased laminated placemats for her son (4) and finds them useful not only at meal times, but also for when her son is painting and colouring - usually a very messy pastime!  She later purchased colouring sets and an extra pack of placemats for her Mother’s use when she has her Grandson to stay. 

Mrs Bowler of Chadderton has two small sons and is also a childminder.  She bought Crystals CD as a trial and was so happy with it that she purchased the full collection the following week.  Mrs Bowler was very pleased with how easy it was for the youngest of the children in her care to use the games, whilst at the same time the older ones became very involved with them and found the interaction fascinating.

Day Nurseries.  Amongst other things, we have sold laminated Alphabet Sets to a number of the larger nursery groups who said they found them useful for their school reception level children.  After starting school, these children were returned to the day nursery for odd days when school holidays conflicted with parents’ work, and they were able to add to their early alphabetic awareness much to their satisfaction and enjoyment.