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Frequently Asked Questions . . . . .


Q:   Can The Spellpeople help my child?

A:    YES !   The bright colours and friendly Spellpeople characters attract all ages and by the repeated use of the keyboard and mouse which is necessary to play the games, from an early age your child will become familiar with the location of all alpha/numeric keys as well as becoming adept at mouse control.  This therefore gives him/her an important advantage when they go to school or nursery where the use of computers is becoming a normal part of the curriculum.  The games also include simple stress free exercises enabling them to learn how to count, tell the time, the names of different objects and more.


Q:    What opinion do schools and nurseries have of The Spellpeople?

A:     A very positive one ! The Spellpeople series has been received enthusiastically by all because of, amongst other things,  the ease with which the children become familiar with the keyboard and mouse.  In their eager quest to experiment with the various elements of the interactive games on each disk they gain a confidence which is beneficial when they reach the threshold to their education and join the infant department of their primary school, where one of their first lessons will be an introduction to computers, keyboard and mouse.  


Q:    Are the Spellpeople disks are suitable for children and adults with special needs.

A:   Again, yes!  The bright colours and attractive characters appeal to everyone, encouraging interaction by all, including anyone with special needs.  The Spellpeople series has been well received by this sector of the education system not only because of its colourful simplicity, but also because of the way it draws the attention of those less able to focus their concentration.


Q:     What new products can we look forward to?

A:     The Spellpeople team have numerous projects in development, including further interactive cds, clothing and other accessories from wallpaper to pillowcases, stationery, toys, etc.  If there are any products in which you have a particular interest or need, please  let us know and we’ll do all we can to help. 


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